Special finishes are a great way to create distinctive and memorable printed items.
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Eurobrillance offers finishing services to printers aiming to create outstanding print work.

With our strong Europe-wide footprint, experienced team and state of the art machinery, Eurobrillance is the ideal go-to platform for printers wishing to upgrade the overall look and feel of a printed material.

Post print lamination

As experts in lamination, Eurobrillance is renowned for its high-quality and intense post-print lamination solutions. We work mainly with transparent films that have special features and functionalities, such as :

  • Soft touch
  • Matte touch
  • Scratch resistance
  • Structured films

Varnish and ink finishing

Capture consumers’ attention with varnish or glitter effects.

Eurobrilllance is known for its high-quality services and expertise in enhancing brands with screen printing and offset technology for varnish and ink finishing.

We offer full cover varnish, spot varnish, relief varnish, structured varnish, glitter printing, phosphorescent inks, scratch-off inks (for lottery tickets) and many other options.

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is the most noblest refinement technique for printed materials. It ensures a lasting impression.
Metallic foils or specials features, such as holograms, are stamped onto already printed materials, for decorative finishes or anti-counterfeiting measures.
We offer a large variety of foils and specialize in multiple effects to create your desired look.

Plastic cards lamination

Eurobrillance offers the possibility of laminating rigid plastic cards, for instance to create visually attractive loyalty cards.

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