Using innovative technologies and multiple techniques, Eurobrillance refines paper, paperboard and plastic cards that impress consumers worldwide.
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Innovative lamination processes

Eurobrillance’s innovative lamination processes create a strong combination of the advantages and distinct qualities of separate materials into one new product.

We combine strength with stunning visual appearance, excellent printability with perfect ink adhesion and many other qualities.

Eurobrillance has years of experience in paperboard lamination. Continuously investing in new technologies and quality standards, we are the ideal supply chain partner.

Renowned for our process efficiency and operational excellence, we team up with our partners to implement projects together on time and within budget.

Metallized film laminate

Brand images matter. At Eurobrillance we know that. You have put effort into your product and brand. Your packaging is part of your successful brand story. That is why we offer high-quality laminates that leave a lasting impression.

We are known for our high-quality metallized film laminate. Owing to the technical features, glossy metallic finish and extensive design and print possibilities, the laminate is very suitable for premiumization and adding functional features to your packaging.

Applications :

Packaging (including food packaging)

Possible features : 

Oxygen and water vapour barrier

Scratch resistance

Distinctive gloss finish

Reduced weight

High ink adhesion


Transmet laminate

Are you preparing your brand for the ban on plastics? You have come to the right place. Our transmet laminate makes a packaging switch easy. The technique can be applied on already homologated board.  No additional change is needed. But your packaging will be visually stunning and benefit from the highest possible scuff resistance.

In addition, with this laminate you will enjoy a high level of print receptivity and great printability.

We offer a wide range of finishes, including transmet holographic, allowing you to create the laminate that tells your brand story best.

Applications :

Packaging and gift wrap.

Possible Features :

Printable in nearly all technologies

Highest gloss level

Excellent surface quality

100% recyclable

100% compostable.

Paper laminate

By bonding stylish and decorative papers over a variety of substrates, we offer functionality and premiumization via our famous paper laminates.

Known for their excellent surface quality and high gloss finish, our laminates are used worldwide in the FMCG industry.

With real expertise, we create and develop the paper laminate you desire.

Applications :

Folding box board.

Possible features :

Excellent surface quality

Printable in nearly all technologies

High degree of customization


Bio-sourced material

0% plastic

100% recyclable

100% compostable.

Holographic laminate and transparent holographic laminate

To add extra visual power to your brand and to support its unique story, we offer 2 distinct holographic laminates (holographic laminate and transparent holographic laminate) with different finishes.

Our holographic laminates provide a subtle but elegant look to paper and board packaging and convey an image of luxury.

Eurobrillance can also create perfect holographic surfaces via seamless holography. Printers enjoy efficiency improvements, brands visual consistency and designers complete freedom in terms of size, layout logistics or decorating limitations.

Applications :

High-end cosmetics and perfumery

Spirits & liquors

Premium FMCG brands

DVD and Media

Possible features :

Excellent surface quality


Adds extra visual appeal

Wide range of different holographic patterns is available

Extra high gloss

Seamless film.

Custom holography and Fresnel lens laminate

Your brand is unique. Using customized holography we offer brands the possibility of telling their authentic story through innovative print, label, display and package design.

We are experts in incorporating holographic designs into your products rapidly and cost-effectively.

Customers may also opt to create consumer excitement by including unparalleled depth and movement in their packaging with Fresnel lens laminate technology.

Integrated with printed graphics, Fresnel lens technology significantly increases shelf impact.

With the experience of numerous projects, our team offers unrivalled expertise in design and specification of Fresnel lens solutions, combined with production capabilities to ensure the most valuable packaging solution for your brand.

Applications :


DVD – Media

Spirits & Liquors

Cosmetic and specialty product markets

Possible features :

Grab attention instantly

Improves customer experience

Increases shelf appeal

Convey high value


Adds extra visual appeal

Conveys image.

Functional laminate

Consumers buy your product because they expect it to be safe and of high quality. We know how important this is to your brand. Our functional laminate meets all the necessary regulatory and industry requirements.

Adding extra functionality is also possible. For instance, our susceptors support cooking functions, such as browning and better crisping, to improve your customers’ experience. We also provide user-friendly heat-sealable solutions.

Our product development assists you, wherever and whenever needed, with the package development: from conception to completion.

Applications :

Food & snacking

Laundry detergent & washing powder

Paper trays


Features :

Food safety

Water resistance

Vapour resistance

Oxygen resistance

Food migration

Heat-sealable solutions


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