The rapid emergence of the food carton tray
The rapid emergence of the food carton tray
08 Apr 2021
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The rapid emergence of the food carton tray

At a time when restaurants have all adapted to takeaway food, trays and containers have multiplied. Whether it’s for the drive-thru, the caterer or the street food, food boxes have become indispensable.

They allow the transport and above all the hygienic safety of our chefs’ good hot and cold dishes. Gone are the plastic trays, nowadays the cardboard trays are environmental and resistant.


SlimProtect® the world’s thinnest film

Protect your cartons with the world’s thinnest film. Specialised in lamination, Eurobrillance laminates your cartons with the world’s thinnest film SlimProtect®.



It ensures the protection of food and the reduction of the environmental footprint of single-use packaging.


Breaking down barriers

Compatible avec tous les cartons, le film plastique extra mince SlimProtect® rend les contenants cartons imperméables et barrières.


Combine food safety with profitability

Compatible with all cartons, SlimProtect® extra thin plastic film makes carton containers waterproof and barrier-free.

  • Water barrier
  • Mineral oil barrier
  • Ink barrier
  • Blocks dispersion

To promote environmental solutions, Eurobrillance offers SlimProtect® at the price of a standard PET film.


You provide advice to meet your specifications

Our team of experts will support you in your projects. Compliance with food standards is our priority for the safety of the entire chain beyond the final consumer.




The right ecological packaging

 just for the planet

The SlimProtect® eco-designed packaging or cardboard tray reduces the plastic content by more than 70% and thus limits the use of resources. Moreover, thanks to the barrier film, the use of recycled cardboard is possible.


just for consumption

The film guarantees the preservation of food and is suitable for oven and microwave use. Reheating and freezing are possible and the fight against food waste is reinforced.


just in time

Because nowadays we can no longer eat our cooked meals on the terrace or in our restaurants. We need containers more than ever to ensure the logistics put in place following the pandemic.


just in the circular economy

Deeply involved in the circular economy of packaging, the paper and the very small amount of plastic can be recycled after use. The film is recoverable allowing the cardboard to be given a new life.


“Providing food safety with a controlled impact means opting for the right packaging” Eric Macaire, Eurobrillance circular economy expert


just for safety

Let’s not forget that the main role of packaging is to protect and reinforce the safety of products and consumers; SlimProtect® fully fulfils its mission as a food barrier.


just information for all

we are completely transparent in the design and sourcing of our materials. The SlimProtect® product sheet is free of information and we are at your disposal for further information.



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